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To Apply You Need the Following*:
  • Earn at least $450 per week
  • Over 18 years of age
  • Be currently employed, self employed or on an eligible pension

* These are the basic requirements to apply for any loan product with Responsive Lending. A full assessment is required to determine elgiibility.

Loan Repayment Calculator

Amount to Borrow:

Amount: $

Loan Length:


Credit History:

Loan Repayments:

$80per week*

Interest Rate: % (Comparison Rate:6.34%)

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*Repayment calculator is provided as a guide only. Interest rates, terms and fees can vary dependent on your situation and requirements and objectives. Contact us directly for a more accurate indicative quotation. Total amount payable on the repayment example above: $. Comparison rate is based on a $30,000 loan over 5 years. Different amounts and different loan lengths will mean a different comparison rate.

Can I Apply for a Loan for an Imported Car?

Minimum Income

Earning at least $600 Per Week
For all imported car loan applications you need to be earning at least $600 per week

Currently Employed

Working for a minimum of 3 months
To be eligible for a loan for an imported car you need have been working for atleast 3 months at the same employer or self employed for 6 months.


Minimum Age

Be Over 18 Years Old
You must be over 18 years old to apply for a Car Loan.
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Why a Responsive Lending Car Loan for Imported Cars?

Whether your after JDM rockets or American Muscle, Responsive Lending makes it easy.

What makes us better?

Unlike applying through a bank or a finance company, choosing Responsive Lending for your car loan gives you the ability to compare over 20 different lenders. We compare Liberty, Lattitude, Pepper and many more.

You're in Control, Your Choice of Car

Do you want to get a loan for a car being sold in Japanese Auctions? Or perhaps a barn yard find from the USA? Or just a Grey Import being sold locally. It's up to you!

Depending on what you're after, we'll guide on in the process to get you into an appropriate loan product.

Friendly, Local Customer Service

All of our Car Loan's team are located in our offices in both Melbourne and Queensland and are ready to help with your finance enquiry.

Don't worry if you're in another state, we can help customers all over Australia.

3 Steps to Your Car Loan for Imported Cars


Use our online application system to apply online for your car loan in under 3 minutes. The application form will ask you questions like what type of vehicle you are after, where you live and what your income source(s) is.


Speak to our team. Our team will call you to discuss your requirements about both the loan and the car you're purchasing.


One you're pre-approved, it's time to find a car! You can choose a car of your choice from a dealership, private sale or even in some situations auction and imported vehicles.

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What Our Customers Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Your Rates Cheaper than the Big Banks?
As a finance broker we put a large volume of applications to lenders. Because of this, lenders offer our group wholesale interest rates. It's like shopping at costco, but without the need to buy 400 packets of pasta.

We also get the benefit of being completely independent from the finance companies. This allows us to shop around from multiple lenders to get the best deal. Lenders often fluctuate their interest rates based on the amount of capital that they have available to lend, so in this respect we can often negotiate great deals with cashed up lenders.
Can I Finance a Private Sale?
Yes we can finance private sale cars.

When you've put through your application just let us know that you are looking to finance a car from a private seller and we can ensure that we only use lenders that will help.
I Have Bad Credit, Can You Help?
We have a whole team which is dedicated to helping customers with bad credit obtain approval for bad credit car loans!

However, we can't help everyone. For all bad credit applications we need to conduct a full assessment. After we've done the assessment we will ask the you the reasons why the bad credit occured and present the circumstances to the lender. We find that doing so gives us a much better chance of obtaining approval.
Can I Finance Imported Cars?
Yes, we can organise loans for imported cars!

Once you apply, let your consultant know that you are looking to finance an imported vehicle. This way we can ensure that your application is only put to lenders who specialise in loans for imported cars.