How do l apply for a loan?

Applying for a loan with us takes approximately 5 minutes through our online portal. From that point, providing we have all we need from you, it usually takes 1 business day for our team to process your application and liaise with our lenders.

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Why are your rates cheaper than big banks?

As a finance broker, we put a large volume of applications to lenders. Because of this, lenders offer our group wholesale interest rates. It's like shopping at Costco , without the need to buy 400 packets of pasta.

We also get the benefit of being completely independent from the finance companies. This allows us to shop around from multiple lenders, to get the best deal. Lenders often fluctuate their interest rates based on the amount of capital they have available to lend, so in this respect, we can often negotiate great deals with cashed up lenders.

I have bad credit, can you help?

YES! We have a whole team dedicated to helping customers with bad credit obtain approval for Bad Credit Car Loans.

However, we can't help everyone. For all bad credit applications we need to conduct a full assessment. After we've done the assessment we will ask you the reasons why the bad credit occurred and present the circumstances to the lender. We find that doing this gives us a much better chance of obtaining an approval.

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Do you do credit checks on all applications?

No, we don't perform credit checks on all applications.

In fact, our "soft" credit checks don't even leave an enquiry on your file!

We perform these "soft" credit checks so we can gather enough information to be able to direct your application to the lender/s we think will be suitable for your financial position.

Can l apply for a loan if l'm on a Centrelink benefit?

Yes, we can consider applicants on eligible Centrelink benefits.

We CAN consider the following benefits:

  • Single Parent Pension
  • Aged Pension
  • Disability Support Pension (DSP)
  • Vet Affairs Payments
  • Carers Pension

We CANNOT consider the following benefits:
  • Job Seeker
  • Newstart
  • Youth Allowance
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Can l get a loan for debt consolidation?

Unfortunately, we cannot assist with debt consolidation loans.

Do you offer payday loans or SACCS?

No, we do not offer payday loans or SACCs.

Can l finance a private sale?

Yes, we can finance private sale cars.

When you've put through your application, just let us know that you are looking to finance a car from a private seller and we can ensure that we only use lenders that will help.

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Can l finance imported cars?

Yes, we can organise loans for imported cars!

Once you apply, let your consultant know that you are looking to finance an imported vehicle. This way we can ensure that your application is only put to lenders who specialise in loans for imported cars.

What CAN l use a Personal Loan for?

You can usually use a Personal Loan for any one off purchase. For example, but not limited to, a holiday, jet ski, home renovations or a vintage car.

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What CAN'T l use a Personal Loan for?

You can't use the money from a Personal Loan for any reoccurring expenses or ongoing payments such as utility bills, school fees or to repayments on other loans.