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Personal Loan Repayment Calculator

Personal Loan Repayment Calculator

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​Frequently Asked Questions

What does Credit History mean?

Excellent = 800 - 1,000 credit score with no defaults

Very Good = 800 -899 credit score with no defaults

Average = 500 - 799 credit score with 1 utility default

Poor = 200 - 499 credit score with 2 or more defaults or ex bankrupt or Part IX

* These examples are provided as a guide only. Each situation is different and a credit score is only one part of the assessment puzzle. Being specialists in our field, we pride ourselves on trying to help as many people as we can, no matter what their circumstances are.

What CAN l use a Personal Loan for?

You can usually use a Personal Loan for any one off purchase. For example, but not limited to, a holiday, jetski, house renovations or a vintage car.

What CAN'T l use a Personal Loan for?

You can't use the money for any reoccurring expenses or ongoing payments such as utility bills, school fees or to pay repayments on other loans.

What do your interest rates start at?

Our personal loan interest rates vary depending on your credit history, credit score, assets and liabilities. Our rates start as low as 5.59%, subject to the specified criteria above.

What documents do l need to apply?

Our application process is quick and simple. You will just need to have the following documents ready to upload to your broker:

  • Current drivers licence (back and front pic)
  • Two recent payslips and/or Centrelink Income Statement
  • Last 90 days bank statement
  • If Visa holder, Current Australian Residency Identification
Do you perform credit checks on all applications?

No, we don't perform credit checks on all applications.

In fact, our "soft" credit checks don't even leave an enquiry on your file!

We perform these "soft" credit checks so we can gather enough information to be able to direct your application to the lender/s we think will be suitable for your financial position.

If your application is then submitted to a lender, the lender will more than likely perform a hard credit check. This WILL leave an enquiry on your file. Just know that we will not submit your application to a lender unless we have discussed it with you and you have agreed to it.

Can l get a loan for Debt Consolidation?

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with debt consolidation loans.

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